Workout Your Core Using a Stability Ball

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It has come to my attention lately that my core strength is rather weak. I played tennis growing up and I didn’t really need six pack abs in order to excel at tennis. I just needed to be able to sprint and have enough arm strength to swing a tennis racket for at least two hours. Now, since I’ve been in college, I have found that I really like doing other things beyond just playing tennis. I enjoy swimming (which I am terrible at, more than 20 laps and I absolutely die) and  I am currently enrolled in three different martial arts: aikido, karate, and tae kwon do, I also actually enjoy working out at the gym a fair bit.

I realized I lacked a strong core  in my tae kwon do class. Tae kwon do is a highly active and physical kickingbased martial art that requires a very strong lower body and decent overall body strength in order to keep up with the amount of movement involved. In class we do a lot of aerobic exercises to build up our stamina and core workouts to increase our balance as well a bit of our kicking strength. What I learned is even though I’m fairly confident about my balance when standing straight, when you have to spin, jump, and throw a kick in short succession, my balance wasn’t actually that great.

To fix this I have begun working out my core a fair bit. I  do  sit ups/crunches, plank, leg lifts bicycles and all the other type of floor exercises. One fun thing that I have recently begun to use (that my girlfriend invested in for herself) was a stability ball. The stability ball allows you to work out more than just your abs

While still doing your standard core exercises. An example is a simple sit-up. While the sit-up works on your abs like normal, the stability ball causes you to engage your obliques and latissimus to stay balanced. Check out a variety of stability ball exercises here.

What kind of exercises do you do to build your six pack abs or to flatten your stomach?


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