New Name, Same Blog!

Hello anyone that happens upon or actually followed this blog. I have created a new blog under a new name that is self hosted (mostly for my adventures into HTML, but also I was getting sick of the constraints of If you want to keep following me or start following me check out my new blog (it won’t seem new for a little because it currently has these posts up, but there will be new content coming soon). So here is my blog, thanks for following me here and hope you continue to read my content.


Pro Compression Review and Giveaway

Compression socks. The idea of compression was completely foreign to me until my girlfriend (owner of ABP) got some and remarked about how much they helped her with her shin splints and just general recovery from working out, running and dancing.

While I don’t necessarily have huge amounts of shin or calf problems after exercise, the times when I do, I don’t shut up about it. Not because it hurts, but just because of how annoying the feeling of being somewhat disabled is. It was just about a month ago that one day I was feeling good while at the gym, so I decided to run 4.2 miles out of the blue. Before this I was only running about 2.2 on average so I definitely got shin splints from this and completely hated it, therefore why I wanted compression socks after learning about them. Read the rest of this entry

The semester is done…. What now?

I have made it through yet another semester of college. It was my second semester of senior year but thanks to a few mistakes by me I have to become a super senior. Not that terrible though, only an extra semester, but I definitely want to be done already. My motivation towards school has definitely faded, but I still always find myself feeling lost once the semester is done. I have no reason to wake up early in the morning and I have nothing I have to do at night. This lethargic feeling sucks because it starts to seep into me wanting to exercise.

That said, I have no reason to go on campus, which means I have no reason to go to the gym… actually I’m not sure that I can if I’m not taking summer classes. So instead I have to do some working out at home. I’m not quite sure of what my regimen will be yet but once I have an idea, it will be up here. I might even make a 30-day challenge of some sort to have the motivation to keep working at home.

What do you do in the comfort of your own home fitness wise?